Make Space on Your Bookshelf

Yes, space on the bookshelf.

Shuffle that beloved, dog-eared copy of Jane Eyre aside … or indeed anything else … coz this is going to totally kick the collective asses of everything on the shelf … so make a little moat around it.

Kirstyn McDermott’s first book will be released into the wild in August of this year (from Picador). Madigan Mine is a tome I am looking forward to sooooooo much! How much? Even more than my next steak – those of you who know me as a militant carnivore will realise the full import of this statement.

Kirstyn’s prose is glorious, melting, wondrous-strange and terrifying when required. Let the Gothic Snoopy Dancing begin.

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5 Responses to Make Space on Your Bookshelf

  1. Oh, you be waaaay too kind. *blush*

  2. Jason says:

    I want to see the Gothic Snoopy Dance!!

  3. Mack Knopf says:

    Hi, Angela! Thank you so much for your condolences. The funeral did let me postpone jury duty, but it’s a high price for the privilege.

    Could you tell us more about Kirstyn McDermott’s new book? I looked at her website and there’s no blurb about it! There’s also nothing on Amazon yet. Tell those in the dark what makes _Madigan Mine_ so nifty.


    P.S. I think a Gothic Snoopy Dance would involve Andrew Eldritch from the band Sisters of Mercy, which makes me laugh!

  4. angelaslatter says:

    Hey, Mack. Posted the blurb a moment ago. 🙂
    Kirstyn is one of the most devastatingly effective spec-fic writers I know – she describes awful things in a beautiful manner, has a lovely rhythm to her sentences and uses language to unveil wonderful and terrible secrets about her characters and worlds. The first time I read something of hers, I literally swooned and got a writer-crush. 🙂

  5. Mack Knopf says:

    Re: Kirstyn McDermott — thanks for posting the blurb! I’ll be looking for this book. 🙂