More Floodery

I went for a walk this morning … my area is relatively untouched, but as I walked along I could smell mud. River mud, silty, mucky, gross, stinky river mud … it’s coating huge chunks of the city, it’s what folk are going to find when they go back to their submerged houses, it will ruin everything it touches. It’s contaminated. It’s the final insult to injury.

It’s going to be around for a while, this stench.

But for some uplift, the tug boat! The captain undertook this task without being asked – he saw the HUGE chunk of the riverwalk that had broken away from its pilons (which had been sunk something like 25 metres into the riverbed) floating towards the Gateway Bridge, to which it would have done significant damage. Check it out. Order of Australia Medal, please.

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