Much Vigil-related Excitement

vigil-cover-200x300Master Maxim Jakubowski has selected Vigil as one of his July picks over at LoveReading!

Striking urban fantasy set in Brisbane, featuring the indomitable but ever grumpy Verity Fassbinder, of mixed human and magical ‘weyrd’ stock and with special powers to walk between worlds. She, however, only uses her powers with discretion, preferring to blend into normalcy rather than stand out and monitor the balance between worlds. But when children and sirens start going missing, the call to action cannot be resisted in a city in which reality seems to be leaking and a terrible menace is looming. Verity has touches of Katniss Everdeen but quickly establishes herself as a strong, likeable and positive female heroine in her own right, and her topsy turvy adventures fighting for the powers of good in an almost divergent world are pleasing and fast-paced. This is the opening to a trilogy and the next volumes will prove most welcome. ~ Maxim Jakubowski

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