Oh, awesome sauce

On how to use an apostrophe http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe

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  1. Mack Knopf says:

    Dear Angela,

    I was looking for an old post of yours on how to edit, but can’t find it! I wanted to make copies to give to friends when I solicit feedback. Do you remember what I’m talking about and can you find it? It was stuff that you’d learned very solidly but found that other people often didn’t know.


  2. Mack Knopf says:


    Actually, I think it was a post on structural editing, not copy editing. That being said, I could be just making it up in my head that you were the one who wrote it! But I seem to recall another post. I’ll just sort through your posts a little more and see if I can turn it up. Copy editing I’m pretty good with, having worked as as a copy editor. Structural editing is still a black art that I’m going to have to teach myself, since I can’t rely on anyone to do it for me yet.

    I’m going to haul out my ancient Egyptian novel, “False Gods”, and see what can be salvaged. Specifically, I’m going to revise the outline so I can see what it takes to get from A to Z. After that, I’m not promising myself I’ll finish the thing, but at least I’ll know if it’s possible.

    Among other issues, I can tell I have too many characters, and a few too many plot twists. I want to see if I can tell a complete story in a 400-500 page novel, with room for a sequel if such was ever solicited. But my previous pace was going to require an epic, and those are hard to sell for first-time fantasy authors (I think).


  3. Mack Knopf says:

    Found it! I had made a printout but not written down the link (which I still can’t find). The opening is: “The following is cobbled together from several of my Clarion-embedded posts on LJ.” It’s on learning to crit — exactly what I was looking for.

    If you should stumble upon the link while performing your many writerly duties, be so kind as to pass it my way?


  4. Mack Knopf says:

    Found it.

    Never mind, carry on, sorry to trouble you. 🙂

  5. angelaslatter says:

    Hey, Mack.

    I think this might be the one?



  6. Angela Slatter says:

    Okay! Thank heavens. I wouldn’t have found it thinking of it as a structrual edit thingy – I suck on structural editing 🙂