Over at This is Horror: Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Over at This is Horror, my flash fear piece has gone up, complete with awesome illustration by the excellent Nick Gucker. Soooo creepy.

Go here for “Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”.

The story isn’t my usual style and it’s definitely showing how much Megan Abbott I was reading! But I’ve had the kernel of the story in my brain for years. Thanks to Brain for all her helpful critting of this tiny, difficult gem!

At last, it’s out!!

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3 Responses to Over at This is Horror: Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

  1. Lynne Lumsden Green says:

    That was a gem indeed … with sharp edges that cut and draw blood. Excellent!

  2. Thank you for an excellent Flash Fiction. All of us at This Is Horror are delighted to feature Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean as part of our Flash Fear series.