Professionals -v- Amateurs

couychDear Writers,

Professionals have a range of bios of varying lengths and depths that can be tweaked at a moment’s notice when an editor asks you for it.

Amateurs shudder, throw themselves on fainting couches and howl ‘Whatever shall I say about myself in the third person!?’

So, noobs, here is your task for the day: write three bios for yourself. One is 25 words long, the next 50 words long, the last is 100 words long – these are pretty much the standard lengths you’ll be asked for by editors. Keep them updated as you achieve new things.

Don’t give your life’s history (unless you were once a unicorn or Batman), just your writing highlights, where you might be found on the interwebs, and if you’re a graduate of any special writing retreaty, workshopy thingy.

You don’t need 6 weeks to write a bio.  You don’t need to carry on about it. Look at other writers’ bios in anthologies or online and model from those.

Just saying.

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