Pumpkin Soup and a Theory

I am making pumpkin soup – or ‘punken zoup’ as it is known around here.

I am using a pumpkin which was home-grown on the farm by my Dad.

Pumpkins are hard to cut. It’s best my friendboy isn’t around at the moment or he’d be hovering at the boundary between the kitchen and the lounge room, waiting  for the inevitable finger stabbing-related squeals and ready to slap on the bandaids.

Which leads me to a theory. Halloween is coming up. Americans have Halloween downpat. They chop up pumpkins for jack’o’lanterny thingies. For this they use knives.

Theory: more Americans lose fingers in jack’o’lantern-related incidents than in knife fights.


Then again, there’s a good chance most Americans aren’t as klutzy as me.

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One Response to Pumpkin Soup and a Theory

  1. Flinthart says:

    Hmm. The flaw in your theory is the idea that Americans use knives for that task. The truth is that they use guns.

    Powerful, automatic guns. They just shoot the living shit out of enormous piles of pumpkins, then go in and pick out the ones that look most like jack-o-lanterns.