Review of Australian Fiction

I’m delighted to announce I’ve got a new story in next Tuesday’s Review of Australian Fiction.

“Better Angels” (I guess it’s my tribute to, maybe rehabilitation of, Barbara Baynton’s “The Chosen Vessel”) will be paired with new writer Dennan Chew’s “The Till” – and I’m equally delighted that he’s my third author to introduce via RAF!

Dennan Chew is an aspiring writer of dark comedy, crime and suburban gothic. He has variously been a copy writer, MMA fighter, and personal trainer. He has a Bachelor of Commerce and an MBA, and is studying in the Masters of Creative Writing program at Sydney University. Dennan is currently working on his debut novel, Plan B; “The Till” is his first publication.

I’ll post links next week … of course, if you subscribe the latest issue will appear in your inbox bearing coffee and a bagel …

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