Review of Australian Fiction

RAF_VOL9_ISS_3Today is a good day! The latest issue of The Review of Australian Fiction is out.

It contains Linda Brucesmith’s elegant and haunting “Pale Street” – she is an up and coming author and she is very, very good.

It also contains my story “St Dymphna’s School for Poison Girls”, which is part of The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings collection – so if you’re interested in a sneak peak, then there’s one to be had right here for a mere $2.99!

‘They say Lady Isabella Carew, née Abingdon, was married for twenty-two years before she took her revenge,’ breathes Serafine. Ever since we were collected, she, Adia and Veronica have been trading stories of those who went before us—the closer we get to our destination, the faster they come.

Veronica takes up the thread. ‘It’s true! She murdered her own son—her only child!—on the eve of his twenty-first birthday, to wipe out the line and avenge a two-hundred-year-old slight by the Carews to the Abingdons.’

Adia continues, ‘She went to the gallows, head held high, spirit unbowed, for she had done her duty by her family, and her name.

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