Something not flood-related – Huzzah!

Over at Trumpetville, Peter Tennant reviews books and says nice things and includes Sourdough and Other Stories in his list of Picks for 2010. Extra stuff will appear in the February 2011 issue of Black Static. *Snoopy Dance*

Sourdough and other stories by Angela Slatter
This is my favourite collection of 2010 on the days when
Lost Places isn’t. Slatter is an Australian writer whose early work brings to mind the Angela Carter of The Bloody Chamber but here seems to be more clearly forging a path of her own in a series of stories, each of which stands alone but also fits into a greater pattern. It’s clever and emotive stuff, the writer’s brain and heart working in perfect accord to a common end. I’ve interviewed Angela for Black Static #21, where you’ll also find reviews of this and her other two collections.

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