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I can’t get an agent! What do I do?

You’ve got a few choices:

1. Be your own agent. You’ll need to be up on legalese and contract-speak, advances and rights, so think carefully whether you want to spent a lot of your energy on this side of the business.

2. Keep looking for an agent in a Pollyanna’ish attack of optimism. Don’t despair – the right agent may just come
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When I teach …

this is the stuff I tell you not to do.

Committing more graffiti over at Ecstatic Days

Here, I re-rant about Author Platform.


Pondering …

… the idea of self-promotion, something with which a lot of writers are quite uncomfortable.

I’ve just finished writing an article for the next edition of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace on finding a literary agent … one of the points I put in there was ‘Write first, agent second’.



If you’re approaching a literary agent, you need to have a product
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Call My Agent!

This is an excellent site: Call My Agent! http://callmyagent.blogspot.com/. If agents are a mystery to you (aren’t they always?) then head on over and have a browse.

Agent Sydney says: “Call My Agent! is a blog written by Agent Sydney, an Australian literary agent. Call My Agent! hopes to shed light on the sometimes shadow-shrouded world of publishing in order
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I haz a complaint

It just must have been the day for it. I heard the same question so many times today that I started to wonder if I was in Groundhog Dog or if someone was just messing with me.

Every second person wanted to be introduced to a literary agent (one in four wanted to be introduced
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Funny and Useful – How Not to Land an Agent

Courtesy of Master Aidan Doyle and all the time he spends on t’internets … From JacketFlap.com