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Suspended in Dusk II: Stephen Graham Jones

Today’s SiD2 guest is Mr Stephen Graham Jones.

1. What was the inspiration for your SiD2 story, “Love is a Cavity I Can’t Stop Touching”?

Being fourteen and in love, pretty much.? And then being fifteen and in love. And sixteen. On
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Over at Tor.com: Five Mosaic Novels You Should Read

Art from Lavie Tidhar's Central Station

Art from Lavie Tidhar’s Central Station

Yay, my PhD didn’t entirely go to waste coz I got to write this article for Tor.com!

Five Mosaic Novels You Should Read

A mosaic novel, you say? What’s that when it’s at home?
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Focus 2014 Interviews: Alan Baxter

Alan Baxter, author of the Alex Caine urban fantasy series, talks about his Focus 2014 story.

What was the inspiration for your story “Shadows Of The Lonely Dead”?

I’ve had a lot of experience with extended terminal
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Over at Tor.com …

castle… I talk about one of my fave creations, Merricat, from Shirley Jackson’s We Have Always Lived in the Castle.

I came to the Shirley Jackson party late. The first thing I read was The Haunting of Hill House, and that was just last year.
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Exegesis, Part the Third: Mosaic

Kay Nielsen

Continuing the posts of the exegetical component of my PhD – no criticism intended, merely analysis. This section looks at mosaic novels and other forms of fragmented storytelling.
Part Three: Mosaic

‘My lies and the fragments of truth I remember
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Talkfest at The Writer and the Critic

Yes, ’twas the night before Continuum 8 and the Writer and the Critic team of Kirstyn McDermott and
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Alan Moore Q & A over at guardian.co.uk

Great interview, this one. My favourite part is below and the rest is here:

I saw footage of you recently campaigning against the closure of your local library. What are your thoughts on the cuts and the
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Revisiting the Teen Years … with less fingerless gloves and dayglo tees

The good thing that happened yesterday (apart from putting the new bed together without the loss of fingers and only a modicum of swears) was that my Amazon UK thingies arrived.

1. The Ballad of Halo Jones (Alan Moore and Ian Gibson)

2. Nemesis the Warlock V.1

3. Nemesis the Warlock V.2

So I was up late
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Watchmen … or The Philosopher-Slaughterers … or Why I Always Fight Crime Wearing Suspenders

Have just returned from the almost three hour (i.e. bladder busting) movie Watchmen. I admit my ignorance straight up – I do know Alan Moore’s work on 2000AD and ‘The Ballad of Halo Jones’ is one of my all-time favourites – but I did not know Watchmen. Having seen the movie, I’m still not sure I know Watchmen.

The aesthetics were
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