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Over at Amazon

The following stories and collections are currently .99 cents …

Ripper (novella)
Four Horrifying Tales (mini-collection)
Four Dark Tales (mini-collection)
Home and Hearth (short story)
Black-Winged Angels (collection)
The Burning Circus (short story)


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My novella “Ripper” appeared for the first time in the Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear anthology from Stephen Jones (published by Jo Fletcher Books).

It’s now up at Amazon for purchase.

The story introduces the character of Kit Caswell,
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Ripper on Amazon

My novella, Ripper, is now available on Amazon!

This story first appeared in Stephen Jones’ Horrorology: The Lexicon of Fear.




White fox by Kathleen Jennings

Have I mentioned lately that I’ve got some ebooks over at Amazon?

Samplers so you can see what I do if you don’t want to commit to an anthology or a collection or a novel …

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New to Amazon: The Burning Circus

the-burning-circus-coverThe Burning Circus is now available at Amazon.

Semiramis hasn’t been to the circus in such a long time.

Other circuses, yes. The circus, no.

Above the stand of trees, over to the left where the road curves around to encircle the big
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New to Amazon: Home and Hearth

Home-and-Hearth_ebook-cover_v2Now that the limited edition chapbooks of Home and Hearth from the lovely Spectral Press have pretty much sold out, I’ve put it up on Amazon so that more than 125 people can read it! 😛

You can buy
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Four Horrifying Tales available on Amazon

And, as a companion to Four Dark Tales, I’ve published Four Horrifying Tales over at Amazon.

This mini-collection contains:

1. Cuckoo

2. Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

3. Frozen

4. Red Skein

You can purchase it here.

Four Dark Tales available on Amazon

Over at Amazon, I’ve put together a mini-collection of four previously published stories.

It’s designed for readers who’ve not read my work before and who’d like a taster before they commit to my other full-length collections.

You can buy Four Dark Tales
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Sourdough and Other Stories

Just a quick note: the Sourdough and Other Stories ebook can now be purchased from either the Tartarus Press website or from Amazon.

The Girl with No Hands and Kindling

Wait, that sounds wrong. And dangerous.

What I’m trying to say is that The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales (Aurealis Awarded for 2010 Best Collection) is now available as an ebook … or at least as one for the Kindle.

It can be purchased here for $4.99.

Thanks, publisher.