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Bad Women: Jadis the White Witch of Narnia

jadisMy very talented friend Suzanne Willis presents her “bad” woman today, the White White of Narnia from C. S. Lewis. It’s hard to disagree when you consider her awesome wardrobe, appalling attitude and the fabtastic at of wheels:

Jadis, the White
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Bad Women: Goneril

LearsDaughtersThe delightful and talented Thoraiya Dyer has chosen her favourite “bad” woman: Goneril from King Lear.

So, King Lear is supposed to be all about how shit it is to have ungrateful children. He has three daughters and also a massive head, apparently;
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Bad Women: Medusa

medusaSo this morning I’m starting what will be a periodic series called Bad Women. Basically I’ve asked some of my favourite writers and editors to write a paragraph or two on their favourite “bad” women in the fiction universe, be it literature,
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