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Podcasty Goodness

Artification, as always, by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings

A few of my stories have been made into podcasts by the likes of the fabtacular PseudoPod and Tales to Terrify, so I thought I’d bring all the links together in
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Back on the Mainland!

Just back from 13 days touring around Tasmania with the Tech Support Badger!

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

Much to catch up on – sooooooo much.

But until I manage to get organised, here are links to the delightful
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thumbnail.phpOver at the latest issue of Schlock Magazine you can read my re-imagining of that fine old tale, “Bluebeard” – with magnificent, disturbing, confronting art by Nel Pace.

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Again, art blast

Another Chrissy Ellsworth piece, the cover for Shimmer‘s issue 4, 2006.

Illustrating my story “Bluebeard”, in that issue.

A Tales to Terrify Squee

Am very squeeful to report that the lovely Harry Markov is taking three of my stories for the Tales to Terrify podcast. Huzzah!

“Bluebeard”, “The Bones Remember Everything” and “Sourdough” will all be hearable for your listening pleasure.

It’s always so nice to hear someone reading out what you’ve written, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have “The
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New Wine in Old Bottles: A Meditation on Writing

Arthur Rackman's Little Match Girl

(This is an extract from my MA thesis from 2006, and is a meditation on my own writing of Black-Winged Angels and Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Donoghue’s Kissing the
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A wowie-kazowie review over at Crikey (no less)

A truly fabulous review of The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales* by guest reviewer Lyndon Riggall on Angela Meyer’s LiteraryMinded blog (she who is Queen of the Bloggeist). Thus, I do snoopy dance.


For those of you who will read
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Okay, so my first experiment in digital publishing is up at Smashwords.

T’is Black-Winged Angels, the short story collection of reloaded fairytales I wrote for my MA. We’ll see how this goes – i.e. how well I’ve managed to follow the technical’ish requirements (thanks to Alan Baxter for tips!) – and then Sourdough & Other Stories will be next.

My Significant Other did the
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Review at Dirty Sexy Books

Lovely review over at Dirty Sexy Books of The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales. Ms Rebecca gave it a 5 star rating, which equals “It kept me up all night”. Huzzah! 🙂

After I had my first dark, delicious taste of Angela Slatter’s idea of a fairy tale in her first story, “Bluebeard,” I was addicted to The Girl
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The Chosen Girl – Happily Never After

This is a little something extracted from my Masters thesis, Black-Winged Angels: Theoretical Underpinnings (which is a collection of nine reloaded fairytales and an accompanying exegesis). It’s just lying around, so why not post it here? Complete with dodgy bibliography
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