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BWF Most Wanted

vigil-cover-200x300Tomorrow night (Friday 9 Sept) I’ll be doing a reading from Vigil (which I’ve never done before!) at the BWF Most Wanted session on Maiwar Green at 7.30pm.

I’m lucky because I get to perform with Caroline Overington, Justin Cronin and Gary Kemble!

It’s a free session,
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My Brisbane Writers Festival Schedule for 2016



Woohoo! It’s almost that time of the year again, time for the writers to take over the city!

I’ll be doing some great gigs with BWF this year:

Friday 9 Sept Brisbane’s Most Wanted is a reading session with Caroline Overington, Justin Cronin, Gary
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Ancient Myths, Modern Tales

bwfI must do a BWF rundown, but I am trying to catch the tails of the deadlines that got away from me last week! In lieu, here is Joelene Pynnonen’s summary of Ancient Myths, Modern Tales, the panel I moderated – my
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Brisbane Writers Festival Schedule

bwfHuzzah! It’s almost time for BWF!

I’m making two appearances:

Talking Get in Trouble with the wonderful Kelly Link
Auditorium 2, SLQ
06 September
2:30pm – 3:30pm
Event #: 141
Book here.

Then we shall speed ourselves along (I will carry Kelly as
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Brisbane Writers Festival

bwf1The Brisbane Writers Festival starts tomorrow and continues til late on Sunday 7 September. I’ll be wandering around, so if you’ve got any books you want signed, feel free to approach!

I’m on a panel on Saturday, and am given to understand there’ll be a
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Alive …

1185470_10151660997382263_1477066860_n… barely. Suffering my worst cold in quite a while, lots of sneezing and coughing and generally being repugnant.

But in other news, Kathleen Jennings posted this, a silk shawl/scarf thing made from the design of the Midnight and Moonshine cover.

Also, I
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An Invitation

Hello there.

I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve called you all here today. Well, it’s about a launch. The launch of our (Lisa L Hannett and moi) new book, Midnight and Moonshine, which is being published by the very
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If you are a Michael Connelly fan and you are in Brisbane …

… then you should come along and watch the smartest woman I know having a chat with him. Dr Donna Hancox is indulging her not-so-secret love affair with the crime genre in a fairly public way. And it’s free.


Brisbane Wednesday
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Dearly Dining Dexter

dexterToday was one of the days when the universe was nice to me (I may have been extra good over the weekend, although I can’t quite think when), and I got to sit down to lunch* with Jeff Lindsay (Dexter’s dad). Also along for the ducktacular entrée, sticky pork
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