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Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep

mermaidsThe lovely Paula Guran has another fantastic reprint anthology coming out in May, Mermaids and Other Mysteries of the Deep (published by Prime Books) and available for pre-order here.

The ToC is great, including Margo Lanagan, Elizabeth Bear, Catherynne
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Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women

I’m very happy to say that I’ve got a story in this fabulous reprint anthology edited by Paula Guran. Blood Sisters: Vampire Stories by Women can be pre-ordered here.

The table of contents is a thing to behold:

• Kelley
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In the mail


Metropolitan Magic – Part Two

MagicCity-300Seeing Eye • Patricia Briggs

The doorbell rang.

That was the problem with her business. Too many people thought that they could approach her at any time. Even oh dark thirty even though her hours were posted clearly on her door
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Exegesis, Part the Third: Mosaic

Kay Nielsen

Continuing the posts of the exegetical component of my PhD – no criticism intended, merely analysis. This section looks at mosaic novels and other forms of fragmented storytelling.
Part Three: Mosaic

‘My lies and the fragments
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Exegesis, Part the Second: Memory

More from my PhD Exegesis, wherein I consider the ideas of memory at work in Sourdough and Other Stories.
Part Two: Memory

‘The sight of the inn picks at the stitches of my memory. The splintered shingle, emblazoned with a
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In the mail, comes happiness

From last week’s mail, Reggie Oliver’s beautiful Egaeus Press tome, Shadow Plays, and Fablecroft’s gorgeous little To Spin a Darker Stair, with stories by Faith Mudge and Catherynne M. Valente and with, of course, illustrations
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Interesting post from Dr Goss …

… over here, about the line between fantasy and fantasy writers.

For the record, this is precisely how I look when I write … except for the uggs, the dax of track, the bird’s best hair and
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Place as Person – my two cents

Over at Mary Victoria’s, I talk about Place as Person in the next installment of this great series; I also drink all the coffee and eat the last 2 chocolate biscuits.

You know me – just like the Dr,
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Cat Vallente’s Confessions of a Fairy Tale Addict

Read it, for she is clever.

A long while ago, someone emailed me to tell me that, as much as they wanted to like my work, they just couldn’t read another goddamned fairy tale. It was too
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