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A Belated Christmas Blog

Why yes, I do look like crap, but I haz a crown.

Why yes, I do look like crap, but I haz a crown.

Well, 2016 was for me (as well as a lot of other people) quite challenging. Professionally, it went really, really
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Merry whatever

Hope you’ve all had a pleasant holiday period of the denomination or non-denomination of your choice. We had a lovely 24hrs bouncing between our families and eating far too much in both locations – we are like the Christmas locusts.
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Christmas Otters …

...  are necessary.

Thanks, Daily Otter.


If only all my endeavours turned out this well …

Coconut Ice and Caramel Fudge for Christmas – huzzah!!!

Christmas – It was Wet

Normally we spend Christmas hiding in the family room with the air conditioner on full blast in order to prevent melting and/or spontaneous human combustion. This year such precautions were not required because it rained. And it rained. And then not content with raining, it pissed down. We were lucky as we get the ‘inconvenience’ level of precipitation, but a
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