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My Contact2016 Schedule

contactWell, the NatCon is just around the corner! It’s actually just waiting in the milkbar, filling up on thickshakes, until the curtains go up. I’ll be there and my schedule is below. Come up and say “hello”.

My Contact 2016 schedule:

Thursday 24 March

In Conversation
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The Rivers of London: Talking to Ben Aaronovitch

contactOh, my poor neglected blog. I’ve been finishing Corpselight – which is done. An ugly first draft, but done. Editing begins next week.

But the important thing is that Contact 2016 is coming up AND I get to host the In Conversation event with author
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Make Contact 2016!

contactNext year Brisneyland is hosting the NatCon and you know you want to be there. It’s over the Easter Weekend so there will be lots of chocolate, and the heat won’t be too awful so said chocolate won’t melt before you eat it! (Like
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