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On the Absence of the Writer

Yes, I know.

I never write.

 I never call.

It’s just not the same as it was and you may be thinking I no longer care.

It’s not true – I’m just … well, I’m knackered. I’m working 2 jobs at the moment, trying to finish one for good and trying to learn a new one. I’m editing for other people. I’m trying to
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The Generation Loss Drive-by: Elizabeth Hand

Elizabeth Hand has been responsible for some of the most amazing works of literary fantasy in recent years: Generation Loss, Illyria, Mortal Love, Bibliomancy, and Black Light are but a few of her novels. Her short stories are finely crafted,
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Happy Birthday!!

Let all the birthday heralds in the land wake from their mead-induced stupors and run through the streets, crying “It’s Flinthart‘s birthday!!!”

So, even if you’re not familiar with this piratical author of space ninja sagas (among
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The Cold Drive-by: Simon Strantzas

Spoiler alert: Simon Strantzas prefers apple fritters *shakes head*. But as he is a fellow Tartarus Press author, and a damned awesome one at that, he is forgiven. Cold to the Touch has received critical acclaim and Strantzas
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The Lakeshore Drive-by: Jay Lake

Whenever I feel like I have too much on and there’s no time to write, I look to Jay Lake, specifically this LJ post – the relevant bit is this: All of this while recovering from lung surgery, undergoing six months of chemotherapy, experiencing
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The Floods Drive-by

Or at this point, float-by.

I live in a nation that pretty much faces all trials and tragedies with equanimity and the phrase “No worries”. We don’t tend to panic – you can’t afford to when you live in a country that has 7 of the 10 most dangerous snakes in the world. And I lived through the 74 Brisbane floods
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Go! Read!

Angie Rega’s latest story, Love in the Atacama or The Poetry of Fleas, is up over at Crossed Genres:

The girl stood in the hot, yellow sand, her top hat tilted forward to shade her eyes.
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The Drive-by from Innsmouth: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth Free Press is a Canadian micro-publisher producing hard copy and electronic works of dark fiction and horror. At the helm is writer, editor and publisher Silvia Moreno-Garcia. IFP is responsible for an online magazine three times per year as
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The HebrewPunk Drive-by: Lavie Tidhar

Lavie’s Tidhar’s first novel The Bookman was released in 2010 by Angry Robot (back when it was a HarperCollins baby), the next one Camera Obscura will see the light of day in April 2011 (as part of Angry
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The Darwath Drive-by: Barbara Hambly

Barbara Hambly writes across fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction. She has an MA in Medieval History. Her world-building capabilities are enviable and to call her prolific is to understate things just a little. Her series, to date, are: The
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