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The Tallow-Wife and Other Tales

An extract from the Afterword:

This book has taken a long time to write.

I began it at the end of 2013, after The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings had been sent off to Tartarus Press. I was fortunate enough to be awarded a
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New Novel

So, I’ve started writing a new novel, Morwood.

Like Blackwater it’s a gothic fantasy set in the Sourdough/Bitterwood world, and I’m at the stage where I love it. It’s new and pretty and we’re in our honeymoon period.

Here’s a first draft sample (no
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Callout for Subs

New Fairy Tales is accepting submissions for their May 2010 issue. The deadline is 15th April 2010.

Sub guidelines here http://www.newfairytales.co.uk/pages/submissions.html

T’is v pretty, as you can see by Faye Durston’s Star, above.