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Horrorology Interviews: Nicola Budd

Art by Nicola Howell

Art by Nicola Howell

The delightful Nicola Budd is not only an excellent artist, but also an editor with Jo Fletcher Books. Horrorology was a major new project for her and here she talks about the experience.

So this
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Vale Tanith Lee

TanithLeeWeb1Last night I heard that Tanith Lee had died.

I was fortunate enough to meet her at WFC in Brighton in 2013 and to be on a panel with her; I was even more fortunate to have corresponded with her for some interviews
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The Bitterwood Posts: The Coffin-maker’s Daughter

BB jacket frontI thought I might do a post on each of the stories in The Bitterwood Bible, for anyone who’s interested in the story backgrounds.

Today, it’s “The Coffin-Maker’s Daughter”, my British Fantasy Award-winning tale, which originally appeared
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John Ajvide Lindqvist: Come Unto Me

john_narrowweb__300x393,0Today’s Fearie Tales post is from the astonishingly talented Mr John Ajvide Lindqvist, talking about trolls, changelings, doppelganger, and the dead returning to the living

FOR THE SECOND time in less than a month, Annika was walking up the aisle of the
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Angela Slatter: By the Weeping Gate

FT1And today I, errr, interview myself about my Fearie Tales story, “By the Weeping Gate”.


This house here in Breakwater, this one, by the Weeping Gate where men and women come to wait and weep for those lost to the sea.
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Fearie Tales beginnings

First paragraphs of the Fearie Tales stories from Masters Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, Robert Shearman, and Markus Heitz.

ramseycampbellRamsey Campbell: Find My Name

DOREEN WAS AWAKE at once and trying to hear why. A dog barked on the far side of the tennis
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Joanne Harris: The Silken People

Snurched from The Guardian

Snurched from The Guardian

The lovely Joanne Harris talks about The Pied Piper, how horror lurks in the shadows of fairy stories, and the language of the subconscious.

ONCE THERE WAS a little girl, who lived in a
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Peter Crowther: The Artemis Line

PeteCrowther.jpg.opt587x447o0,0s587x447On Fearie Tales duty today is the lovely Mr Peter Crowther. He talks about fairy traps, ‘The Musician of Bremen’, and goblins stealing babies. Huzzah!

‘A certain mother had her child taken out of its cradle

by the elves, and a
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Reggie Oliver: The Silken Drum

r4eggieThe delightful and erudite Mr Reggie Oliver talks about Fearie Tales, Christina Rossetti’s  “Goblin Market”, doppelgangers, and spiritual possession.

Fly, fiend! Over the Western SeaFollowed by cries of hate from the Afterworld

—Aya no Tsuzumi, The Silken Drum,Japanese No Play, origin and author unknown.

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Brian Lumley: The Changeling

lumleyderby1Brian Lumley talks Jack and the Beanstalk, the triumph of Good, and the sea.

THE SUN WAS beginning to set as I finned lazily into the shallows, thrust my speargun before me and laid it to rest in six inches
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