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Australian Women Writers of Outstanding Horror and Dark Fantasy: A Not Quite Top Ten

Hecate by William Blake

Hecate by William Blake

So, I think we may have *just* missed Women in Horror month, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking out Lisa Hannett’s latest post over at This is Horror. Any time is a good time
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Tales to Terrify – Harry Markov is in the house

I don’t let too many people take over my blog – okay, I don’t let anyone take over my blog – except today, it’s Harry Markov, one of the eds of the Tales to Terrify anthology (which is
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Al Baxter's photo

See? I did work at Continuum. Reading with Lisa Hannett and Felicity Dowker.

Yep, working hard.

Continuum 8

So, yesterday I managed to stay awake long enough to participate in QWC’s So You Want to be a Writer seminar, ably chaired by Aimée Lindorff. The two more awake panellists were the delightful and delovely Chris Currie and
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Cover for Damnation and Dames!

Awesome sauce 😀

Swancon Booty

Behold, the reasons why my luggage was so damned heavy on the way back from Perth … in addition to the books in the con showbag … and there may have been some clothing purchased too (shhhhhhh!).

Love and
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The shortlists for this year’s Ditmars have been announced and it’s great to see names like Peter M. Ball, Cat Sparks, Felicity Dowker, Kirstyn McDermott, Jason Fischer et al.

And awesomest of all: three nom-nom-noms for Lisa L. Hannett!!!

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Pre-orders of Vampire Fiction from Oz

Dead Red Heart is ready for pre-order from here.

Lisa L Hannett! Felicity Dowker! Martin Livings! Alan Baxter! Jason Nahrung! Moi! And more, more, more!

ToC’ly goodness:

32 fantastic tales, 454 pages, over 130,000 words. All about vampires. This tome will
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Woot – Honorable Mentions

Ellen Datlow has posted her list of Honorable Mentions and I was lucky enough to get quite a few mentions. Especially happy to have a mention for The February Dragon, the collaboration betwixt moi and Brain. Am also very happy to see mentions for the likes of Robert Shearman, Kaaron Warren, Kirstyn McDermott, Jenny Blackford, Jason Fischer, Felicity Dowker, Dan
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In which there is Shadowy Snoopy Dancing

The short list for the 2010 Australian Shadows Award has been released and it’s awesome to see names of some very talented friends there, including Peter M. Ball, Kirstyn McDermott, Liz Gryzb and Felicity Dowker.

I was lucky enough to get two mentions, one in Long Fiction for The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories (Ticonderoga Publications) and one in
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