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China Miéville in Da Lair

Greetings and welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Lair of the Evil Drs Brain, where we “invite” (i.e. conduct virtual kidnappings of) other writers and artists for a chat (which occurs right after they stop demanding to be released
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Yesterday also included a sybaritic book-buying binge. One of the books purchased is Dr Miéville’s Kraken. You want to know why he’s so damned good? His opening lines:

“The sea is full of saints. You know that? You know that: you’re a big boy.”

It’s an awesome opening: it invites the reader
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A Drive-by from Perdido Street Station: China Miéville

China Miéville continues to distinguish himself by writing stuff that is good …very good … come to think of it, that’s probably why he also continues to win awards. His short story collection, Looking for Jake, will blow your socks off (so
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