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Choose Your Own Adventure!

247475_10200681771559468_599519055_nAnd so, in my spare time (HA!) I have agreed to be involved in the delightful Emily Craven’s Choose Your Own Adventure project – if you know anything about my schedule, you will be impressed by Emily’s powers of
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years-best-fantasy-and-horror-v3-slideThe ToC for the latest YBAF&H (yes, you *should* sing that to the tune of “YMCA”) has been released into the community – on parole, really, with little chance of it respecting its good behaviour bond. With fiction from the likes of
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Some wise words over at Tuesday Therapy

Lisa Hannett’s Tuesday Therapy blog today features Lee Battersby on the Nagging Call of Ambition.

Don’t waste your time comparing yourself to other writers.

Go here for ze rest.

Apparently, I am the Last Dangerous Carrot

Over at the Battersblog, Lee Battersby asked me for my thoughts about the writer as artist.

I am the last in a long line of folk doing cameos on this topic over here.


The topic assigned by the
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Beautiful Carrots

Lisa Hannett talks about the writer as artist over at the Battersblog.

In February 1880, William Morris delivered a lecture before the Birmingham Society of Arts and School of Design, which was later published in a book called Hopes
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Lee Battersby and QWC go together like peanut butter and jelly …

… or ramalamadingdong … or something …

Hey, look over there! An online writing course taught by Lee Battersby via the Australian Writer’s Marketplace Online Learning Centre, under the auspices of QWC. More specifically, Sci-fi short story writing over 6 weeks at a cost of $150. Can’t get fairer than that.

More details? I’m so pleased you asked – go here.

Ebooky Goodness: After the Rain special edition

The lovely Tehani at FableCroft is issuing a special ebook edition of the After the Rain Anthology as a fundraiser for the Qld Floods Appeal. There are the original planned stories in the ToC and this volume is
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Australis Imaginarium – cover and pre-ordery goodness

Oooooh, the cover at last. And the order-ish details are here http://fablecroft.com.au/australis-imaginarium/pre-order-australis-imaginarium

Basically, it’s a book of quintessentially Australian fables.

“Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
“Night Heron’s Curse” by Thoraiya Dyer
“Hunter of Darkness, Hunter of Light” by Michael Pryor
“A Pig’s Whisper” by Margo Lanagan
“Stealing Free” by Deborah
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ToC Australis Imaginarium

Tehani at FableCroft has announced the final table of contents for Australis Imaginarium:

“Once a Month, on a Sunday” by Ian McHugh
“Night Heron’s Curse” by Thoraiya Dyer
“Hunter of Darkness, Hunter of Light” by Michael Pryor
“A Pig’s Whisper” by Margo Lanagan
“Stealing Free”
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Ditmar Voting

(snurched from Jason Fischer)

Looks like it’s time for Ditmar voting again. As this is the year of AussieCon4, it’s a great chance to showcase some antipodean talent.

Tehani Wessely is compiling a list, checking it twice, for eligible Aussies – it lives here https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AhAUWipZqrNWdFljalBZWmJwSnc1cTJVT2s0ZnlMLVE&hl=en_GB#gid=0

It also seems I have four stories eligible:

Light as Mist, Heavy as Hope
The Girl with No Hands

Other awesome
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