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Happy Anniversary to Me

So I guess this arrival is timely as it reminds me that October is a sort of writing anniversary for me.

I’d moved back to Queensland after 4 years in Sydney, specifically to give writing a go as
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Strictly No Elephants: Lisa Mantchev

MANTCHEV-author-photo-2-sm-213x300Lisa Mantchev is a temporally-displaced Capricorn who casts her spells from an ancient tree in the Pacific Northwest. When not scribbling, she is by turns an earth elemental, English professor, actress, artist, and domestic goddess. She shares her abode with her husband, two
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The So Silver, So Bright Drive-by: Lisa Mantchev

Lisa Mantchev is the creator of the glorious Théâtre Illuminata and the unfortgettable Beatrice Shakespeare Smith. She is mum to the Sugar Bean and Tiny Doom, the possessor of an awesome collection of corsets, a hearter of both donuts and
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'Eyes Like Stars' – or the Destruction of the Fairycake

Hilarious! My lovely, talented friend (and occasional lovely, talented editor) Lisa Mantchev has produced not only a wondrous debut novel, Eyes Like Stars, but also a child with wings and a fairycake and you-tubery. Is there anything this woman cannot do? The fairy’s outfit even matches the cake, and the wings and the hair-decos tone in beautifully.

And I want those wings!! Watch! Laugh!
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