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Some Goodly News …

… to go with the site redesign (Thank you, Significant Other).

Nice review of Dead Red Heart over at Publishers Weekly, including a shout-out to my Sun Falls. Wooot!

And also good things about the next Scary Kisses anthology!

T’is here.
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Lovely Review

… of Sourdough by Liz Grzyb over here.

Snippetry:If you haven’t read any of Angela Slatter’s stories, you are truly missing out. Go out and find some immediately. I am a particular fan of Slatter’s fairytale-esque stories,
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Woot – Honorable Mentions

Ellen Datlow has posted her list of Honorable Mentions and I was lucky enough to get quite a few mentions. Especially happy to have a mention for The February Dragon, the collaboration betwixt moi and Brain. Am also very happy to see mentions for the likes of Robert Shearman, Kaaron Warren, Kirstyn McDermott, Jenny Blackford, Jason Fischer, Felicity Dowker, Dan
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And, launched!

The Girl with No Hands and Other Stories has been launch! Huzzah! As has Kaaron Warren’s Dead Sea Fruit. Thanks to everyone who came along, bought a book, listened, ate Haigh’s choclit frawgs, etc! Thanks to Russell and Liz at Ticonderoga for everything and to Lisa Hannett for the glorious cover and to Kaaron for being such a lovely author with
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The Double Drive-by: Russell B. Farr

Ticonderoga Publications is a punchy indie press operated by the delightful Russell B. Farr. TP has produced (amongst others) Sean Williams’ Magic Dirt, Terry Dowling’s Basic Black, Simon Brown’s Troy, and the upcoming Dead Sea Fruit by Kaaron Warren, the anniversay re-release of Kim Wilkins’ The Infernal, Sara Douglass’ The Hall of Lost
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The Stalker Reviews

The Bibliophile Stalker reviews Scary Kisses over here http://charles-tan.blogspot.com/2010/05/bookmagazine-review-scary-kisses-edited.html and says some nice things :-).

Call for Subs: More Scary Kisses

Liz Grzyb and Ticonderoga Publications are going for Scary Kisses Part Deux … go on, you know you want to … ze details are below:

The reading period is now open for More Scary Kisses edited by Liz Grzyb.

We had so much fun with the first Scary Kisses that we’re doing it all again!
Do you like your romance spiced with a
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Cover-related Squeeeeeee!

The Scary Kisses anthology has its cover – and it’s gorgeous :-). LL Hannett and I are most pleased 🙂

Table of contents:
The Anstruther Woman, Nicole R. Murphy
Fade Away, Ian Nichols
Bread and Circuses, Felicity Dowker
Black Widow, Shona Husk
The February Dragon, Angela Slatter
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Lisa Hannett (my other Brain) and I have sold a story we wrote together post-Clarion South. The February Dragon has been bought by the lovely Liz Grzyb at Ticonderoga Publications for the Scary Kisses anthology.

The anthology will be launched at Swancon 2010 in Perth over Easter (http://2010.swancon.com.au/).


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