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Appearance at the Wheeler Centre

wheelerI’ll be in Melbourne over the weekend teaching on Sunday, and on  preciousMonday 24 I’ll be doing a reading from Vigil as part of the Wheeler Centre’s The Next Big Thing.

Speculative Fiction

What if?Untether your imagination as we explore
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Reminder: Melbourne Short Story Workshop

225806_HeartgraffitiMelbourne2010sm_290816102849Just a reminder that I’m running a three-hour short story workshop in Melbourne next month. Details are here. The deadline’s been extended to Sunday 25 September – you need to submit a story as that’s what we’ll be working on: getting it into
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Workshop in Melbourne

225806_HeartgraffitiMelbourne2010sm_290816102849Hello, Melbourne peeps.

Thanks to the organisational abilities of the wonderful Louise Angrilli I’ll be running a three-hour workshop in your fair city on Sunday 23 October. Ze Blurb is below. Basically you need to be prepared to hit the ground running, you need to
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Reason #412 to go to Aussiecon4

There are many reasons to go to Worldcon in Melbourne this September, one of them is that Zeno Literary Agency will be there, looking for unagented authors of the Australian and New Zealandish persuasion only.

Submissions Open for Authors Attending This Year’s Worldcon…

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Is It Too Much …

… for me to want Haigh’s choclit to sponsor Kaaron Warren’s (http://kaaronwarren.wordpress.com/) and my book launch at WorldCon? In Melbourne? In September?

Or, y’know, just be bubbling through the choclit fountain?