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New Short Fiction – Dark Discoveries

ddI’ve got a new short story in the latest Dark Discoveries.

It’s the one with Mr Joe Hill on the cover, and has the theme of War and Apocalypse. You’ll also find:

All new Fiction by: Ann Christy, Nick Mamatas,
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In the Mail: Letters to Lovecraft

LtLMy shiny new contributor’s copies of Letters to Lovecraft have arrived! Thanks, Jesse Bullington and Stone Skin Press.

I get to share space with luminaries such as Gemma Files, Jeffrey Ford, Tim Lebbon, Molly Tanzer, Livia Llewellyn, Nick Mamatas, et al.

More more info,
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Nick Mamatas: The Nickronomicon and Other Stuff

bio01The Nickronomicon is the latest collection from author Nick Mamatas (Innsmouth Free Press). Nick’s other works include Love is the Law, The Last Weekend, The Damned Highway (with Brian Keene), and Move Under Ground. He is an anthologist
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Letters to Lovecraft Roster of Contributors

hpAnd so here it is at last, the announcement I’ve been sitting on for a while.

Letters to ol’ po-face himself, H P Lovecraft. An anthology from Stone Skin Press, edited by the delightful Jesse Bullington, with stories from luminaries such as Jeffrey
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