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This morning …

… I was a virtuous writer and went over the proofs for my story in Nicole Murphy’s In Fabula-divino anthology.

Nicole’s reprinting my story “Dresses, three” – which I originally wrote for the lovely Shimmer’s Art Issue in 2008.

I need some virtuous writer points – all I did yesterday was super-clean the apartment. Yes, I’m at the avoidance stage.

In Fabula-divino

Behold, the cover for Nicole Murphy’s anthology, InĀ Fabula-divino.

This anthology contains new stories from Nicole’s InĀ Fabula-divino stable, and reprints from the likes of Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta , Trudi Canavan, Kaaron Warren and myself.

Full Table of Contents
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Writing processes

Over at Nicole Murphy’s place I talk about my processes.

T’is here.

A Writer’s (bad) Habits

The lovely Nicole Murphy asked me about my writerly habits. I tried to answer honestly over here.

The August Australian Speculative Fiction Blog Carnival Has Taken Up Residence …

… at Nicole Murphy’s place.

It’s eaten all the cornchips, the chocolate biscuits, the popcorn and it’s about to start on the coffee.

See here.

Swancon Booty

Behold, the reasons why my luggage was so damned heavy on the way back from Perth … in addition to the books in the con showbag … and there may have been some clothing purchased too (shhhhhhh!).

Love and
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Drive-by: The Secretive Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy’s first book, The Secret Ones, was launched in July 2010 by HarperVoyager. Bookseller + Publisher said “fresh and interesting approach to an urban fantasy series’” and A Writer Goes on a Journey blogged “urphy is not restrained in her work,
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