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I haz bin Omnivoracious'd

Jeff VanderMeer has very kindly talked about Sourdough and other Stories over at Omnivoracious :-).

Leave an Idea, Take an Idea: Five Things Someone Else Should Totally Do (Guest Blogger China Mieville)

“It’s melancholy when you realise there are more things you’d like to do, or write, than you’ll have time to, in your entire life. The endless triage of decent thoughts is necessary, a bit miserable, and a strong argument for the desirability of immortality. You cling even to the ones you doubt you’ll start, as long as you can bear,
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Grab your dictionary and read this

Mr Mieville again at Omnivoracious – Neither a Contract Nor a Promise: Five Movements To Watch Out For – I like to sit with my Oxford Concise close at hand whenever I read a Mieville-esque piece. No one else makes me feel quite so much like Ralph Wiggam and I often mumble to myself  ‘I have a cat called Mittens’,
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The most excellent and erudite CHINA MIÉVILLE blogs at Omnivoracious all week http://horrorfictionnews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=567:china-mieville-guest-blogging-all-this-week-at-omnivoracious&catid=32:author-news&Itemid=710