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Over at Patreon …

… the May reward is up for my Monkshood supporters. The newsletter will go out to all my lovely patrons in the next day or so. Meanwhile, here’s a snippet, Monkshooders.

Got a few spare shekels? Consider throwing them my way! My Patreon reward levels are here.

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April Patreon

So, Newsletter the Second has been sent to all of my Patrons, with exclusive snippets from upcoming stories.

And for the Monkshood level, their special
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April Sneak Peek at Patreon

VaseColourOver at Patreon, there’ s a little taste of next month’s reward for Monkshoods and above.


Banner courtesy of Kathleen Jennings

Banner courtesy of Kathleen Jennings

Well, I’ve finally bitten the bullet and set up a Patreon page – ably assisted by Kathleen Jennings and Peter M. Ball who managed not to grit their teeth for much of
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Patreon art update

Oooooh, in colour now!


Patreon peeks

So, one of the things I’m working on (in between all the other end of the year deadlines) is a Patreon account.

One of the reward levels will get you a scroll once a month with some sort of story-related artefact on it. Kathleen Jennings is doing the art for me.

Exhibit A is A Brief History of the Hind-Girls:

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The Writer and the Critic goes Patreon …

dtct books Stack of books CREDIT: PHOTODISC

dtct booksStack of booksCREDIT: PHOTODISC

… which basically means you can pay Mondy to sing a song every podcast.

You know you want it.  Go here, give money.

My point?

One of my fave podcasts, run by the award-winning and
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