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Hypothermia, Healing and Hallucinatory Polar Bears

As it is today, overcast and cold.

Those of you who know me well will be very aware that I hate exercise – possibly because I have on more than one occasion screamed “I hate exercise!” I’m subtle like that. In
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Appearance at the Wheeler Centre

wheelerI’ll be in Melbourne over the weekend teaching on Sunday, and on  preciousMonday 24 I’ll be doing a reading from Vigil as part of the Wheeler Centre’s The Next Big Thing.

Speculative Fiction

What if?Untether your imagination as we explore
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On how to give a reading

One of the things I spoke to the One Book Many Brisbanes mentees about last weekend was the importance of learning how to do a reading in public. Things like practice, realising that what looks lovely on the page doesn’t
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Sigh of Disappointment

I got a copy of Joe Hill’s Horns in the mail the other day (great cover). It’s the first thing I’ve read of his and I was looking forward to it … on the upside, I think he’s a better writer than his dad … on the downside, on about p.5 I thought
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