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Narrative Species: The Path of Thorns

I was fortunate enough to have a lovely chat with Rick Kleffel over at Narrative Species about my new novel, The Path of Thorns.

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Interview – Narrative Species

Over at Narrative Species I had a chat with the delightful Rick Kleffel about the Sourdough world and my stories set there … You can listen here if you’re so inclined.Read more…

Rick Kleffel on The Literature of Fear: 12 High-Quality Horror Books for Sleepless Nights

masthead3The delightful and erudite Mr Rick Kleffel has selected twelve “high-quality horror books” for your delectation, including Nathan Ballingrud’s magnificent North American Lake Monsters, Dreams of Shadow and Smoke from Swan River Press, Michael Marshall’s We Are Here, and my Bitterwood Bible.

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Thanks, Rick Kleffel

Wow, Mr K’s Agony Column has a lovely, lovely review of Sourdough and Other Stories.

Our world is wrought not from atoms and molecules, but emotion and vision. Colors are not the result of wavelengths and photons, but feelings and intuitions. The soil we walk upon is not dirt; it is our memories, layered with love
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