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24Hr Book: The Autopsy

Why the f&%k can't writers follow the style sheet??

And so, a week after the action I can finally process what happened. The fact that I’m bed-ridden with the Mother of All Flus, which has taken out a fatwa
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Rjurick Davidson’s awesomely titled The Library of Forgotten Books is available for order from PS Publishing (who produce gorgeous books). It’s available in soft and hard cover from here  http://store.pspublishing.co.uk/acatalog/forthcoming_titles.html

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 – A Flying Visit

Quick and dirty visit to Melberlin (actually, not dirty at all, not even slightly soiled; very, very clean and pristine visit).

Arrived Thursday night, checked into hotel at 9.30pm, ordered room service, sat in front of tv for a few hours channel surfing as my brain wound down like the clockwork monkey it is … kept thinking how I should take
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