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“The Web Means the End of Forgetting”

Or maybe it just means you need to be more circumspect about what you put out there on the t’intertubes. Always keep in mind that your LJ entries, Facebook statuses, webpages, blogs, Twitter accounts, etc, are
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Aurealis Awards Shortlisting

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Huzzah – a lovely surprise – just got an email from Ron Serdiuk, Coordinator of the Aurealis Awards.

My story Words, which appeared in The Lifted Brow # 5, has been shortlisted for Best Fantasy Short Story.

Thanks so much to wonderful TLB editor Ronnie Scott, and also (and especially) to the judges and
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Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 – A Flying Visit

Quick and dirty visit to Melberlin (actually, not dirty at all, not even slightly soiled; very, very clean and pristine visit).

Arrived Thursday night, checked into hotel at 9.30pm, ordered room service, sat in front of tv for a few hours channel surfing as my brain wound down like the clockwork monkey it is … kept thinking how I should take
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