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China Miéville in Da Lair

Greetings and welcome, one and all, to the inaugural Lair of the Evil Drs Brain, where we “invite” (i.e. conduct virtual kidnappings of) other writers and artists for a chat (which occurs right after they stop demanding to be
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Popty ping, your Fry is ready

Thanks to you, Mr Fry, I now know about the ‘popty ping’.

Last night’s QI was wonderful.

I think we got the pick of the Australian comedians on the panel last night – Wil Anderson (I think you’re quite hot,
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Saturday morning excitementery!

Thanks to the evil genius of Rob O’Connor and Martin Livings I am now armed with the knowledge that Stephen Fry is bringing QI to Australia, specifically to Brisbane.  And he’s bringing some bloke called Alan
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Will my publisher be my publisher forever?

I’ve been doing some mentoring for a few new writers and find myself passing on information that I am surprised isn’t basic knowledge. Then I remind myself that I worked in a writers’ centre for three years, so
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