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Books arriving whilst I was away

Just some of the books that arrived whilst I was away at WFC:

IMG_1759Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales, edited by Paula Guran (Prime), has entered the world rather quietly but is gorgeous and loudly lovely. Stories by Tanith Lee, Theodora
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Launching: The Cobbler Mage

Art by Rebekah Pearson

Art by Rebekah Pearson

My lovely and talented friend Angie Rega is launching her first book this Saturday, 5 October 2013, at 5.30pm.

The Cobbler Mage will have champagne poured all over it at the gorgeous Alice & Co at
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angie rega… ’tis the new online home of the fabulous and talented Angie Rega.

As I said, go here.

Keep an eye out for The Cobbler Mage, due out in April 20143 from Little Fox.