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Thanks, Hannah!

Gorgeous review of The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales by Hannah right here.

Thanks, Erica O. for recommending me!

I love it when people discover books like this; first published in 2011, I love that she’s still getting new readers!

Supanova in RAdelaide!!!

7682168-3x2-700x467Woohoo! Supanova the Second – for me at least.

With my fellow authors (scribblers!) Maria Lewis, Jane Abbott, Alison Goodman and Alan Baxter, I’ll be at the SupaAuthors’ table, signing stuff, tallying redheads (Jane has a theory, we’re testing it), and
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tgwnhlaunchFacebook has just reminded me that today’s  the anniversary of The Girl WiTGWNHth No Hands and Other Tales!

To the left is Russell
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Goodreads Giveaway: The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales

TGWNH-small2Ooops! Forgot about this in all the hustle and bustle of BWF preparation!

I’m giving away a hardcover, limited edition copy of my Aurealis Award winning collection The Girl with No Hands and Other Tales!

Go here and do the clicky
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Random Frippery

cushionsThese arrived today from RedBubble. Thanks for organising them, Kathleen Jennings!

Over at Schlock Magazine …

highresblue4Teodor Reljic reviews Home and Hearth most kindly:

As evidenced in her collection THE GIRL WITH NO HANDS – in which Slatter adapts and re-imagines various folk and fairy tales – the author is excellent at creating tightly-woven conceits that unspool
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The Alternative Typewriter dissects “The Chrysanthemum Bride”


“The Bride” by Mac Tuyet

Haralambi Markov looks at my story “The Chrysanthemum Bride”, which first appeared at Fantasy Magazine in 2009.

A snippet:

“The Chrysanthemum Bride” gives Slatter the necessary setting and platform to examine the unsavory
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Harry Markov on Red Skein

“Red Riding Hood” photography by Rebeca Saray

“Red Riding Hood” photography by Rebeca Saray

Over at his Alternative Typewriter, Haralambi Markov takes his scalpel to “Red Skein”, my version of Little Red Riding Hood from The Girl With No
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The Alternative Typewriter and The Jacaranda Wife

the-girl-with-no-handsOver at The Alternative Typewriter, Harry Markov continues his dissection of The Girl With No Hands and Other Tales. Today he looks at “The Jacaranda Wife”, which originally appeared in Jack Dann’s Dreaming Again anthology.

Let’s do this.
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Back on the Mainland!

Just back from 13 days touring around Tasmania with the Tech Support Badger!

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

“Bluebeard” by Ashley Versekaites

Much to catch up on – sooooooo much.

But until I manage to get organised, here are links to the
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