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It’s Halloween #2

Artwork by Kathleen Jennings (as pretty much always)

So, in honour of the doors between worlds opening this eve, and all manner of things walking through, here is an older story of mine, “Words” (first published in The Lifted Brow # 5, June
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Bonus Drive-by: Laura Goodin

Laura Goodin is an American living in Australia, but it shouldn’t be held against her. She’s a Clarion South survivor from 2007 and has the tribal tattooing to prove it. She blogs over here and writes, writes, writes and has published in journals as varied as WetInk, ASIM, The Lifted
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Aurealis Awards Shortlisting

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Huzzah – a lovely surprise – just got an email from Ron Serdiuk, Coordinator of the Aurealis Awards.

My story Words, which appeared in The Lifted Brow # 5, has been shortlisted for Best Fantasy Short Story.

Thanks so much to wonderful TLB editor Ronnie Scott, and also (and especially) to the judges and
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T'is a Well-known Fact …

… that I’m a fan of The Lifted Brow (China Mieville said it was ‘gorgeous’; Jeff VanderMeer called it ‘f*%king awesome’ and sent me a picture of him holding it (see? That’s his thumb); Robert Shearman said it was ‘the most beautiful anthology in the universe’ – okay, I may have exaggerated that last one). MRead more…

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 – A Flying Visit

Quick and dirty visit to Melberlin (actually, not dirty at all, not even slightly soiled; very, very clean and pristine visit).

Arrived Thursday night, checked into hotel at 9.30pm, ordered room service, sat in front of tv for a few hours channel surfing as my brain wound down like the clockwork monkey it is … kept thinking how I should take
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New Brow

The new Lifted Brow is out – t’is #5.  The CRISABOE issue: What predictive text thinks you’re typing if you type “Brisbane”. Hometown readers, this is the poorly-thought-through affair to your One Book Many Brisbanes, your student magazines, and a national book culture which rarely gets the sunshine state at all. What do four-minute shower restrictions mean for a man
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The Lifted Brow – An Announcementy Thingy

So much writey goodness in Brow #5 … if for no other reason, get this one for Rob Shearman’s Be of Good Cheer (you know, Rob Shearman, talented British writer, wrote that Dr Who ep, won a World Fantasy Award for his first collection Tiny Deaths – yes, I see you nodding and light bulbs going on around your head,
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The Lifted Brow – Call for Submissions – The Atlas Issue

TLB6 is an atlas of the world, newly observed by lots of bands, writers, and artists that you like. Participation is easy:

1. Pick a country.

2. Send us fiction or nonfiction, a song, or a comic based on that country. The relationship of your piece to the country you pick can be as real, fake, or loose as you want.

Angela’s note:
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The Lifted Brow #4

I’d like to draw your attention to this little tome, The Lifted Brow #4. It has all sorts of writing-y and music-y goodness going for it. Lyrics by Neil Gaiman on the CDs, stories by writers as amazing as Karen Russell and Rick Moody, among others.

It can be acquired from http://www.theliftedbrow.com/. It’s a miscellany in the truest sense of
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Stories Soon to be Released into the Wild

Saturday morning being, as it often is, a time for gentle contemplation and hard procrastination, I was thinking about the short stories I have coming out this year … are there any? At first I shook my brain, but that merely caused a hollow echoing, and a few tumbleweeds blew across the streets of my mind. So I thought “Y’know,
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