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Podcasty Goodness

Artification, as always, by the wonderful Kathleen Jennings

A few of my stories have been made into podcasts by the likes of the fabtacular PseudoPod and Tales to Terrify, so I thought I’d bring all the links together in
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Happy Day

I finished a fairly dreadful and wobbly first draft of “Crossroads” last night; it’s now in the bottom drawer to percolate. Tomorrow I will start on a story called “Let the Words Take You” for a Le Fanu tribute anthology. Today I had a lovely lunch with my parents and my sister, whose birthday it was. Nice and relaxing. And
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Angela Slatter: By the Weeping Gate

FT1And today I, errr, interview myself about my Fearie Tales story, “By the Weeping Gate”.


This house here in Breakwater, this one, by the Weeping Gate where men and women come to wait and weep for those lost to
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New Wine in Old Bottles: A Meditation on Writing

Arthur Rackman's Little Match Girl

(This is an extract from my MA thesis from 2006, and is a meditation on my own writing of Black-Winged Angels and Carter’s The Bloody Chamber and Donoghue’s Kissing the
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Okay, so my first experiment in digital publishing is up at Smashwords.

T’is Black-Winged Angels, the short story collection of reloaded fairytales I wrote for my MA. We’ll see how this goes – i.e. how well I’ve managed to follow the technical’ish requirements (thanks to Alan Baxter for tips!) – and then Sourdough & Other Stories will be next.

My Significant Other did the
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The Little Match Girl

See full size imageI’d forgotten about this. One of my first short stories appeared on Pseudopod last year and it remains one of my faves. The audio of The Little Match Girl lives here http://pseudopod.org/2008/03/13/flash-the-little-match-girl/ and is not suitable for small children (then again, nor is the original, let’s
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