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Once Upon A Time: New Fairy Tales

paulaPaula Guran has brought out a new anthology for Prime Books, it’s called  ouat(as the header might hint) Once Upon A Time: New Fairy
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Books arriving whilst I was away

Just some of the books that arrived whilst I was away at WFC:

IMG_1759Once Upon a Time: New Fairy Tales, edited by Paula Guran (Prime), has entered the world rather quietly but is gorgeous and loudly lovely. Stories by Tanith Lee, Theodora
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Happy New Year from the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain + Tanith Lee!

Happy 2013 from the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain.

Our plan for this year is for the Lair to be a periodic feature rather than a regular one because, as we discovered last year, life tends to interfere
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Become a Citizen – without worrying about the brain bugs

Yes, go to Clarkesworld, the provider of quality fiction from luminaries such as Lisa L. Hannett, Theodora Goss, E. Catherine Tobler and Genevieve Valentine, and become a citizen today.

Clarkesworld needs you – and you get ‘stuff’ for your
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Interesting post from Dr Goss …

… over here, about the line between fantasy and fantasy writers.

For the record, this is precisely how I look when I write … except for the uggs, the dax of track, the bird’s best hair and the t-shirt
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Tuesday Therapy with Drs Hannett and Goss

Over at Lisa’s place, Theodora Goss talks about stubborn stories and how to deal with them.

More excellent Tuesday Therapy.

Drive-by from Fairyland: Theodora Goss

Theodora Goss not only has a cool name, she’s the creator of some glorious prose. Her fiction includes the wonderful creation of Miss Emily Gray (whom I find vaguely sinister in a pleasing way) in her collection In the Forest of Forgetting. Her work has been published in Strange Horizons,
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