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Spectral Book of Horror Stories: new review

SBoHSA new review over at This is Horror by Ross Warren of The Spectral Book of Horror Stories (Mark Morris, ed.). In a fit of self-centredness, I shall tell you only what is said about my story, but all the other excellent
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After Fight Club …

… or, as I referred to it when e-chatting with Lisa earlier, ‘Club Chuck’. My tired mind Fight-Club-Chuck-Palahniuk-198x300picked up on the two important elements and mashed them together like bugs on a windscreen, with the predictable degree of comprehension.

My point? Lisa Hannett’s latest
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Forgotten Beasties

Not a dragon, but a zilant

Over at This is Horror, Lisa L. Hannett makes the case for Neglected Night Creatures.

Let the vampires and zombies have a bit of a rest.

Hannett + Horror = Teh Awesomes

Lisa L. Hannett has joined the team over at This is Horror for 2013, so we can look forward to a brilliantly written, well thought-out monthly column that prods and pokes the monsters under the bed
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Over at This is Horror …

… the rather delightful Mr Brown has listed his 10 Must Read Australian Horror Writers.

He’s been kind enough to put me in there and I’m in some wonderful company – go on, click the link and check it
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Over at This is Horror: Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean

Over at This is Horror, my flash fear piece has gone up, complete with awesome illustration by the excellent Nick Gucker. Soooo creepy.

Go here for “Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”.

The story isn’t my usual style
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Cate Gardner at This is Horror

Awesome Flash Fear by Cate is here.

The car stopped outside the caravan they’d stayed in when Sean went missing. Keith caught his breath and waited for the shake in his muscles to cease. His parents didn’t
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The Bloodstained Balcony

Over at This is Horror, Master John Llewellyn Probert, Esq., talks about the perils of poor horror cinema.

Hello. Today The Bloodstained Balcony is taking the form of a public service announcement. Its purpose? To warn horror fans of the perils
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Over at This is Horror …

Art by Rich Sampson

… you will find awesome flash fiction by Lisa L. Hannett.

You should go here and read it.

An Introduction to Australian Horror over at This is Horror

Lisa Hannett gives a run-down on the state of Australian horror …

Australia is a land of extremes. One minute the country is ravaged by drought and bushfires, the next it’s drowning in devastating floods. The continent is a combination of
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