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Over at the Book Smugglers: New Weyrd

Over at the lovely House of the Book Smugglers, I talk about the New Weyrd:my updated mythology for Corpselight and Verity Fassbinder.

We are delighted to welcome Angela Slatter here today to celebrate the release of a new Verity Fassbinder novel
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Review of Corpselight

Cupcakes by K, once again superb.

First review of Corpselight! And a great one it is, too. All of the lovehearts!

Five out of five caramel marshmallow logs!

If you haven’t read the first of the ‘Verity Fassbinder’ series, ‘Vigil’,
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Corpselight over at Tor.com

The lovely folks over at Tor.com have the opening chapter of Corpselight over on their site for you to read!


She took a while getting out of her car, smoothing the workday creases from her Donna Karan suit, collecting her handbag
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Corpselight is launched!

Oh yes, it is.

Huge thanks to everyone who came along last night to listen to Drs Kim and Ange do “Twenty Questions with Angela Slatter”. Thanks to everyone who bought books – I hope I spelled all the names correctly!
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Happy Double Bookday to Me!

Today is publication day for Corpselight (Verity Fassbinder book 2) AND for the paperback of Vigil (Verity Fassbinder book 1)! The later contains a standalone Verity story in the back (which was on limited release as part of
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ABC Interview: Vigil

Around about this time last year I was talking to Kate Evans on ABC Radio National about Vigil.

I was also very excited because I was in the TARDIS in the Brisbane studios. Plus, I’m a Doctor. Read more…

Writing Restoration – when the story bites back

Where did this come from? I don’t know! All manner of consequences are biting V in
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A year ago these lovely things arrived on my doorstep, the culmination of five years working on Vigil, and thirteen years on the craft of writing.

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Corpselight ARC in the Wild!

Or rather, in my hot little grabby hands.

Much excitement.

Thanks to Jess  at Hachette for sending it to me.

Many thanks to Alison Goodman, Margo Lanagan and Christopher Golden for the lovely cover quotes.

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Avid Reader: Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub – Angela Slatter

So, I’ll be at the Avid Reader Science Fiction & Fantasy Bookclub chatting with Trent Jamieson on 31 July at 6.30pm! We’ll be talking about writing and Brisneyland, and Vigil and Corpselight, and maybe even a
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