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The Wailing Woman: Maria Lewis

What do new readers need to know about Maria Lewis?

She’s beauty. She’s grace. She’ll punch you in the face. 

What inspired The Wailing Woman and how does it fit into your Who’s Afraid universe?

Stan Lee, Marvel Comics maestro, had this saying that you
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It Came From the Deep: Five Quick Questions with Maria Lewis

The Most Excellent Maria Lewis has a surprise YA novel out, It Came From the Deep. I forced her to sit down and tell me about it. You’re welcome.

1. Think quick: tell us about It Came From the Deep
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Who’s Afraid?: Maria Lewis

Purple-Profile-2-207x300Author, journalist, reviewer, pop culture maven, werewolf aficionado, all-round powerhouse, and Idris Elba’s future wife (not to mention OMG-level of impressively inked) Maria Lewis is multi-talented and extraordinarily busy. But she was kind enough to take some time out to talk about
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