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Hypothermia, Healing and Hallucinatory Polar Bears

As it is today, overcast and cold.

Those of you who know me well will be very aware that I hate exercise – possibly because I have on more than one occasion screamed “I hate exercise!” I’m
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New Interview

Art by Kathleen Jennings

The lovely Dr Nin Harris interviewed me over at Mythopoetic!

Thanks for letting me come and play!

What’s the best way for an author to start her day, according to Angela Slatter?
Coffee! Or the beverage of
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The Clowns on the Balcony


So, every afternoon around 3.30 I hear sounds out on the balcony, the scrape and scratch of large claws grabbing onto the metal railing. No, it’s not a monstrous attack, it’s these guys, the resident clowns. I generally go out,
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New work: The October Widow

Edwin Austin Abbey's "Young Woman in the Woods"

Edwin Austin Abbey’s “Young Woman in the Woods”

So, my first new words after the break are on a short horror story called “The October Widow”.

The October Widow knew herself hunted,
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Why do the voices in my head never tell me to go to Paris?

bartIt’s unfair, really. As a writer, there are a lot of voices in my head – fortunately for you all, I channel their suggestions into my writing. Otherwise: man, we’d all be in trouble.

I started a story last night, which is
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The Writing Life: A Really Big Echo Chamber

Here’s the thing about being a writer: we’re all terribly insecure to one degree or another. Although we’ve chosen a solitary profession, preferring largely to spend time with imaginary friends rather than flesh and blood ones, we still
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The Muse …

… is not a sylph in diaphinous robes, gently plucking a harp, dancing in circles in a glade, tra-la-la’ing.

At least, my muse isn’t.

This is my muse, snurched from the great glory that it the internetz.

The Lair of the Evil Drs Brain

So, what is the Lair of the Evil Drs Brain?

Basically it’s Lisa Hannett and I talking to each other and other people about stuff. Writing stuff.

Topics will include:

Phat Phantasy
Where you write and how you
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I answered some questions for Jildy Sauce …

… a lot about fairy tales and some about writing process and I also give the (only partially facetious) executive summary for writers wanting to be published. Thanks for asking, Paul Kane 🙂 .

The author of the magnificent
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Something wise snurched from China Miéville’s Rejectamentalist Manifesto

‘A principal rule for writers, and especially those who want to describe their own sensations, is not to believe that their doing so indicates they possess a special disposition of nature in this respect. Others can perhaps do it just as well as you can. Only they do not make a business of it, because it seems to them silly
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