The Dark: Bearskin

TheDark_Template_Final3aforlightbackgrounds71-220x340The latest issue of The Dark Magazine contains my tale Bearskin, as well as work by Patricia Russo, Sandra McDonald, and Brooke Wonders.

Torben knows he has only one shot. The crossbow shakes in his grip. There is a single bolt and even if there were more he has not the strength to reload for the weapon belongs to Uther, the woodsman, who has left the boy to wait in the small, smelly blind set between the trunks of three ailing alders. The walls are of woven rushes and withy. The flimsy roof fell in who knows when and Torben feels the drip-drip-drip of snow-melt from above—not that the weather’s warming up, but it seems the unhealthy branches won’t allow the ice to remain on their limbs much past daybreak.

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