The Drive-by from Innsmouth: Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth Free Press is a Canadian micro-publisher producing hard copy and electronic works of dark fiction and horror. At the helm is writer, editor and publisher Silvia Moreno-Garcia. IFP is responsible for an online magazine three times per year as well as a selection of anthologies (Historical Lovecraft and Candle in the Attic Window are upcoming), and the press’s first novel, Fraterfamilias by Judith Doloughan and Paula R. Stiles, is available now.

1. What makes you want to work with an author/buy a story?
It keeps me reading past the first page. Sometimes it’s the setting that piques my interest (it’s something I haven’t seen before), sometimes it’s the narrative voice.

2. Cthulhu -v- Batman: discuss
Would pay to see that, but we all know ultimately Cthulhu wins.

3. What should always be edited out of a story?
Dull pastiches. You want to be different and interesting, not a cheap imitation.

4. You have to choose between writing and editing: what happens?
That’s easy: writing. I like being a publisher. I’m co-editing some anthologies with Paula R. Stiles right now, but eventually I’d like to move away from that and focus entirely on my writing and publishing company.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Danishes due to their moist goodness.

Innsmouth Free Press lives here.

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