The Good Science Fiction Drive-by: Gardner Dozois


Do I really need to introduce Gardner Dozois? The Gardner Dozois? Really? The multi Hugo and Nebula winning science fiction editor and author? The frequently partnering Jack Dann in crime of some sort Gardner Dozois?


All I will say is that he prefers donuts, dunked.

1. What’s the best thing about being an editor? The best?
As an editor who used to read a large magazine slush-pile in addition to all the reading for my Best of the Year anthology, I’d say the worst thing about being an editor is that I’ve had to read more bad SF than anyone else in the world. The best part is that I’ve gotten to read more good SF than anyone else in the world.

2. What attracted you to editing?
It was a way to make a living doing something I was good at doing and enjoyed doing. I was never able to write fast enough to make a living that way.

3. What should always be edited out of a story?
The boring parts.

4. Your top ten stories for your dream anthology?
You’d get a different answer for that every day of the week, depending on what my mood was that day. For some of my favorites, see my anthologies MODERN CLASSICS OF SCIENCE FICTION, MODERN CLASSICS OF FANTASY, MODERN CLASSIC SHORT NOVELS, THE BEST OF THE BEST, and THE BEST OF THE BEST: SHORT NOVELS.

5. Donuts or danishes?
Donuts. I like danishes too, but probably donuts. Oddly, I don’t care for the really sweet donuts, but prefer plain cake donuts dunked in coffee.


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