The Sheep of Stenness

So, the tale of the sheep (ram, actually).

We walked into the Stenness enclosure and there are several sheep around the area. There’s this one large ram, which Dr Kim goes over to pat. I stand there watching, and when Kim moves away he fixes me with a gaze and walks determinedly to me. I shifted a bit as I thought “What if he butts?” But no. Just put his head against my thigh for a rub. Patting done, we wandered away to another stone. Juliet joins us. Then we notice Sheepix the Ram wandering towards us.

Kim says “I bet he goes straight to you, Angela.”

I say, “No, don’t be so … Oh gods.”

Sheepix demanding more love.

Then we’re in the car and we start making up stories: He’s your long lost love who was transformed into the shape of a sheep! But you didn’t recognise him! Now he’ll die of a broken heart! No wonder he lay down beside that stone when we left! No, he’ll live forever or until you return to recognise him and give him true love’s kiss! He’ll be a sheep for nine hundred years!

Writers, man. Writers.

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